Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mural Conservation Completed at Adams Park

The City of Atlanta Public Art Program has completed the conservation of the ever popular “Fish Dreams” mural at the façade of the Adams Park Bathhouse. This mural was originally completed in 1992 by treasured Atlanta-based photographer, painter, and writer Lynn Marshall Linnemeier. Through her colorful artworks, she focused on documenting the people and places of the south. This early artwork has a playful illustrative appearance that speaks to the innocence and inquisitive nature of children playing in the natural world.

The Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program hired art Conservator, Vivianna Dominguez to bring the mural back to life. The effects of ultra violet rays and acid rain had worn the painted finishes to a dull and hazy finish and many of the pigments had actually disappeared. We made an economical and practical choice by hiring the expert Vivianna Dominguez, who also trained our art maintenance staff to conserve and care for the artwork while they assisted her to accomplish this great achievement. The conservation project was completed in less than 10 days thanks to local conservator Kate Singley who graciously donated specialized chemicals when the team ran out.

The artist, Lynn Linnemeier, is a newly appointed member of the City’s Public Art Advisory Committee and currently teaches photography at Emory University. For more information, contact the Office of Cultural Affairs Project Supervisor, Robert Witherspoon at 404-817-6758 or
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