Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mayor Franklin Delivers $541 Million Proposed Budget for FY2010

Mayor Shirley Franklin delivered her proposed FY2010 budget for the City of Atlanta to the City Council today. Highlights of the proposed budget include:

· The elimination of the furlough that was introduced during FY2009 as a cost savings measure. All City employees – including public safety personnel – will return to a 40 hour work week
· Savings initiatives of nearly $60 million
· The authorized General Fund workforce will be less than 4,000, a reduction from approximately 5,600 in 2001.
· A three mill increase in the property tax millage rate. For the average City of Atlanta (in Fulton County) homeowner this represents a 7% increase in the total property tax bill or a $20 per month increase in property taxes.

“Despite the fact that the City has seen an $88 million reduction in revenues as a result of this historic recession, we have a responsibility to ensure that basic municipal services are delivered”, said the Mayor. “We have reduced spending through the furloughs, layoffs, and other measures. However, we must increase our revenues if we are to return our public safety and other core services to full-time operation.”

With this budget, the City will reduce its general fund workforce from 5,617 in 2001 to 3,934, a 30% reduction. This is during a period in which the City has grown by 25%. According to recent Bain & Company analysis, the City has moved from second-worst performing city among major cities in the country in terms of efficiency to the second best.

The 3 mill rate increase is consistent with millage rate increases that have occurred during previous recessions. During both the 1991 recession (+2 mills) and the 2001 recession (+3 mills), millage rates were increased in response to declining revenues.

Budget FAQs are attached and the full budget document is available on line at
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Monday, April 13, 2009

City of Atlanta Severe Weather Update

City of Atlanta personnel are working hard in the clean-up and recovery effort following today’s severe weather.

Latest Updates as of 2:35 pm

Atlanta Fire-Rescue Department
· Received 272 unique calls.
· 218 calls pending.
Atlanta Police Department
· Attended to vehicle struck by tree.
· Tree down across Ponce de Leon at Durant Street blocking all six lanes of Ponce de Leon. Current list of all street closures will be emailed when available.
Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs
· Members of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs (DPRCA) are working with other city departments to get an assessment on the damages, clearing trees and cleaning up debris.
Department of Public Works
· Members of the Department of Public Works are providing assistance with heavy equipment as needed to DPRCA for tree removal.
· Sporadic traffic signal malfunctions are being addressed as they are reported.

There is a possibility of thunderstorms Monday evening and Tuesday morning in the Atlanta area. The City of Atlanta encourages all residents and businesses that have experienced damage to secure their tarps and debris to prevent further damage to their property. More information about tomorrow’s weather forecast can be found at
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