Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Statement from Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed on Peachtree Streetcar Funding

This morning, my office was informed that the Peachtree Streetcar was not awarded the TIGER Grant stimulus funding for surface transportation initiatives by the US Department of Transportation. While we are disappointed to not receive this particular round of funding for the Peachtree Streetcar, we will continue to aggressively pursue avenues for funding the streetcar initiative and I will be personally involved in securing the necessary funds at the Federal level. Our resolve to see this project through to completion remains steadfast and while this is certainly a temporary set-back, it is not an end to our ongoing efforts.

Georgia has received $5.9 billion in stimulus money and I will work hand in hand with our Georgia state leaders and our Washington partners to do what is best for our City. There is expected to be another round of TIGER Grant stimulus funding estimated at $600 million which we will be applying for. Atlanta must improve its transit connectivity and mobility in order to remain competitive with other urban areas. Our initial intention was to prepare an application that positioned us for other available federal grants and opportunities.

The initiative to make this application required strategic input and cooperation from the City, MARTA and the metro area business community as well as state and federal officials. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this project as we move on to the next phase of securing funding. This collaborative spirit is key to our future success on this project and other projects aimed at improving the quality of life in our city and state.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Commissioner Sandra Jennings Detail Inclement Weather Preparedness

The City of Atlanta and Department of Public Works remain committed to ensuring the safety and drivability on our roadways. In accordance with our standard operation procedures, Public Works has executed our Emergency Plan for Snow & Ice Control. Consistent with this plan, we have begun spreading a mixture of sand and salt over all bridges and overpasses and segments of streets with steep grades prior to a snow/ice event. Subsequent spreading of sand and salt will occur on a route priority basis. The plan recommends that streets are addressed based on a 3 tier priority route system.

The route priority is consistent with functional street classification hierarchy which is based on the volume of traffic served and the connectivity provided: 

first priority routes reflect major arterial streets; (i.e. Peachtree Street, Northside Drive, and Mitchell Street)
second priority routes include minor arterials and collectors; (i.e. Howell Mill Road, Campbellton Road, and Monroe Drive) 

third priority routes are comprised of minor collectors and major local streets (i.e. West Wesley, Avon Avenue, and Beecher Road)

In parallel with completing our priority routes, we will canvass designated areas and respond to dispatched calls received from Police and other emergency personnel as well as reports from citizens

Crews will be working on a 24 hour basis until the inclement weather subsides.

We have further plans to ensure optimal efficiency of operations which include:

· Collaboration and coordination with the Georgia Department of Transportation and Fulton and Dekalb Counties to supplement our resources should the need arise

· Assuring that the maximum number of our spreaders are in operational status – currently there are 9

· Ensuring that our stock piles of sand and salt materials are at the required levels

· Placing all essential personnel on alert for the possible implementation of a 24 hour work plan

Below is an update on all essential equipment and materials:


Equipment available and operational. Public Works currently has:

9 Salt/Sand Spreaders
6 Front End Loaders
1 Motor Grader
6 Box Dump Trucks
6 Tandem Dump Trucks

Material Stockpiles

All material stockpiles have been replenished. Public Works currently has:

350 tons of salt on hand
700 tons of 89 stone on hand
300 tons of torpedo sand on hand
200 tons concrete sand on hand

We are confident that we are adequately prepared in the event that inclement weather should occur. Hazardous road conditions should be reported to our emergency center at (404) 853-3200.

For more information about this and services of the City of Atlanta visit our website at or watch City Channel 26
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