Saturday, March 6, 2010

City of Atlanta Receives ARC Grant to Improve Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic Flow

Three Key Projects are Awarded Funding and Move to Next Planning Phase

Over the past ten years, 18 areas in the City of Atlanta have been designated as Livable Centers Initiatives, or LCIs. The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) offers the LCI program to encourage local jurisdictions to plan and implement strategies that link transportation improvements with land use development strategies. Creating sustainable and livable communities that complement regional development policies is the overarching goal of LCI initiatives.

In February, ARC approved funding for three pre-qualified LCI transportation projects developed by the City of Atlanta’s Department of Planning and Community Development. The projects were identified by the Department’s Office of Planning, in conjunction with the Department of Public Works. After the adoption of Resolution 09-R-2195 by Atlanta City Council, the Office of Planning submitted applications to fund five LCI pre-qualified transportation projects approved by ARC. The agency received more than 40 applications from local jurisdictions for projects requesting LCI transportation funds.

ARC will fund 80-percent of the design and construction, while the City of Atlanta is responsible for 20-percent of the design and construction costs plus all of the right-of-way costs. The development projects will feature traffic flow upgrades, pedestrian safety improvements and bicycle lane designations.

The selected LCI City of Atlanta projects are:

Bankhead MARTA LCI: DL Hollowell Pkwy road and pedestrian improvements for West Lake Avenue/Florence Place to Gary Avenue.
$2,177,047 in federal funding
$1,044,252 in local funding
Vine City/Washington Park LCI- Martin Luther King Jr Drive bicycle and pedestrian improvements from Northside Drive to Ollie Street.
$2,202,418 in federal funding
$2,011,804 in local funding
South Moreland LCI- Moreland/Glenwood intersection realignment.
$799,340 in federal funding
$538,911 in local funding

In the coming weeks, the City’s Office of Planning will seek ARC approval for the concept plan for each project listed above, which is necessary before engineering and design phases can begin.
For more information about these LCI projects, please visit www.AtlantaGa.Gov.
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