Friday, January 7, 2011

Department of Public Works Winter Storm Preparation

Road safety and accessibility are key factors for the Department of Public Works in ensuring the safety and drivability of our roadways. We seek to maintain access in the immediate vicinity of emergency facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations and emergency shelters; maintain a network of key, pre-selected and prioritized routes that provide reasonable access to most areas of the city; and make all city streets accessible as quickly as possible.

In the event of snow/ice inclement weather with precipitation or other conditions that warrant emergency response, Public Works has six (6) sand trucks available for use with approximately 300 tons of sand mixture for the city’s 200 centerline miles of priority route roadways including 40 bridges, 6 hospitals, and 16 Police Precincts. We also have access to additional resources from other city/governmental agencies if needed.

  • Priority routes are consistent with the functional street classification hierarchy which is based on the volume of traffic served and the connectivity provided:
  • first priority routes reflect major arterial streets; (e.g. Peachtree Street, Northside Drive, and Mitchell Street)
  • second priority routes include minor arterials and collectors; (e.g. Howell Mill Road, Campbellton Road, and Monroe Drive)
  • third priority routes are comprised of minor collectors and major local streets (e.g. West Wesley, Avon Avenue, and Beecher Road)

In parallel with completing our priority routes, our crews will continue to canvass designated areas and respond to dispatched calls received from Police and other emergency personnel as well as reports from citizens. For reporting of ice or hazardous roadway conditions, please call 404-853-3200. When the City is significantly impacted by weather conditions, Public Works operations will work continuously to ensure roadways are clear and passable.

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